Our team is pleased to invite you for the online webinar session to present you and your colleagues features and main use cases powered by FEYWA for JIRA. And the webinar will not be only one way stream, your questions and comments are welcomed and will be (hopefully answered immediately).  If you already tried our demo server and have specific question feel free to put them into registration form.

The total numbers of attendees for each webinar are limited but we will regularly schedule new webinars and we hope you will be able to choose suitable date. If you want to book any of webinars only for your organization put this requirement into registration and also valid phone number so we can contact you and fix it for you.

Please choose a date and time which suits the best for you and then fill in registration form. Once your request will be processed you will receive a confirmation email with link to webinar.

All dates are local times valid for Bratislava, Slovakia (CET). If your time zone differs, you can check for webinar start time.

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